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Good-night, My Love

Good-night, my love, (Good-night, my love,)
The hour 'tis late; (The hour 'tis late,)
The moon shines bright (The moon shines bright)
O'er silv'ry lake; (O'er silv'ry lake;)
And when I'm gone, (And when I'm gone,)
You'll think of me; (You'll think of me;)
Good-night, my love. (Good night, my love.)
Good-night, my sweet.

Good-night, My Love was sung my The Ohio State University Men's Glee Club, when they concluded their performances, in the early days of Ohio State. While this song was probably a popular song of its day, the Men's Glee Club had their own arrangement of the song. A Baritone would sing solo, followed by the Men's Glee Club echoing the words; hence the format used for the lyrics shown above. Good-night, My Love was published in both song books, so it was in use to at least 1922. Since, 1922 it slowly faded from use and into history.

Photo: 1899 Mirror Lake, Courtesy of The Ohio State University Archives

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