Songs of The Ohio State University

Sheet Music Scores

This page contains the Sheet Music Scores in Portable Document Format (PDF) for each song provided. The songs were scored using the Noteedit and MuseScore utilities. The sheet music was generated using the Lilypond Utility.

The Noteedit to Lilypond conversion is not perfect, so there may be some errors. Also, in some of the songs, the lyrics may not line up as the original author intended. This is because I did not have the original score or not all the verses were within the score proper. Finally, my intent was to create MIDI files, not sheet music, so various "emebellishments" are not included in the scores, e. g. mp, mf, >, <, slurs, etc. I inserted only clefs, key signatures, time signatures, tempos, ties and notes. I will admit that I am not an expert at reading music, so my apologies to the music purists out there.

Instructions: You will need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader (Windows, MacOS, UNIX, linux) or xpdf (UNIX/linux only) to properly display the PDF files.Once you have installed the PDF viewer, just click on the link and the song should display for you. To download a song, right click on the link and click on "Save Link Target as" (Netscape/Firefox/Mozilla) or "Save Target as" (Internet Explorer).

* The first 17 measures of this song are used for the first nine lines of I Wanna Go Back To Ohio State.
** This song constitutes the remainder of I Wanna Go Back To Ohio State.
Copyright Notice

Sheet music in Songs of the Scarlet and Gray was copyrighted, by Charles W. Gayman (The Ohio State University Men's Glee Club), in 1902. Sheet music in Songs of Ohio State University was copyrighted, by The Ohio State Alumni Association, in 1916 and 1923. Hi! Hi! Ohio was copyrighted, by Frank Crumit, in 1923. Fight On Ohio was copyrighted, by The Ohio State Alumni Association, in 1929, and is still subject to the provisions of domestic and international copyright law. With the exception of Fight On Ohio, it is remotely possible that there is still a copyright on the other songs. As far as I could ascertain from The Ohio State University Archives and The Ohio State University Libraries, it is very likely the copyrights were not renewed when they expired.

I feel that this web site is a historical reference, created by using rare historical resources. Because there is limited access to the printed historical resources, I feel that providing the PDF Sheet Music files enables greater access to The Ohio State University community.

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