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Short Cheers

During the course of an Ohio State contest, the OSUMB also plays short snippets, when an event occurs on the field. These snippets or "cheers" are used to excite the crowd and get them more involved in the action. The following describe the couple cheers which were in use starting in 2008:

The first is called O Fortuna (aka by the OSUMB as C1 or "Cheer 1") and it is usually played when the Ohio State Buckeyes Defense stops the opposing team on a Third Down conversion attempt.

The second cheer is a snippet from the song My Town. This song was recorded by the Michael Stanley Band, in 1983. They were a band from Cleveland, Ohio and were semi-popular in the 1980s. My Town peaked at #39 on the Billboard Charts in 1983. The OSUMB plays this song when the Ohio State Buckeye Offense make a great play.

I wish to thank Tyler J. Studebaker for the MP3 recordings of these songs and for his contribution. Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, I cannot post these contributions. Hence, why I had to provide the alternatives noted above.

I also wish to thank Cody Nofzinger for providing me corrected information about My Town.

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